THE views of the members of a new lobby calling itself “We demand safe roadways” will be thrust into the limelight tomorrow.
The group is in favour of motorways and has formed in response to public opinion which favours road widening. It is demanding that the government “provide the people of Majorca with highways that are safe to travel on, comfortable to drive on, and which allow for the free flow of traffic”, since road widening projects alone are not sufficient. “All those protesting, are not secondary road users” affirmed the lobby. It claims that the option to simply widen the existing road network isn't adequate “for all the traffic that there is on the island”. The group declares itself to be “tired of accidents, tired of death on the roads and fed up with traffic jams”. At the same time, from its website, www.carreterras-seguras.com, they are encouraging professional vehicle drivers and private motorists to back their proposals because “it is only by collecting signatures that we will be able to show that it is essential to improve our roadways”. “As professionals, we feel that it is crucial, before anything else, that the highways be safe places to drive, because that is our means of livelihood. Let's stop the fatal accidents and ask for a better option from the government” they declare.