Palma.—Danish production company Drama Deluxe is creating a hyper who-done-it and nearly all of the film is going to be shot on the island.
Drama Deluxe are working with Majorcan production company Orange Valley and yesterday, Fulgencio Coll, the producer at Orange Valley told the Bulletin that they will be filming until December 21.

“Being a thriller, it's a relatively small cast. Baldwin's character has to make his wife think she's mad, but we're going to be filming all over the island and inside a villa between Deya and Soller,” he explained. “The script is set on a Mediterranean island and initially they were looking at the Canaries but we managed to persuade them to come to Majorca, which is great. “And, we've got the support of the Council of Majorca and the Majorcan Film Commission when it comes to gaining permits from local councils etc.,” he added. “Once they've wrapped up here in Majorca, they will have a week shooting in Copenhagen and a week in New York but even the interiors for New York are even being filmed here.

“And the crew is a 50-50 mix of Danes and locals, so the production has created some good work for the local audio visual sector and technicians,” Coll added.

Bringing American stars to Europe and European panache to Hollywood, is creating international appeal on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. In their new film The Stranger Inside, Majorca, Manhattan and Copenhagen form the backdrop for a story designed to engulf the audience in the tension and twisted interplay between the characters, who swap between the savior and torturer, the victim and the aggressor.

25 films under his belt “It's about how far people can be pushed if manipulated in a devious way,” explained Adam Neutzsky-Wulff, Drama Deluxe director/CCO, who together with producer/CEO Michael Aoun, created a 10-minute pilot which instantly attracted the attention of investors, after which, they flew to LA for auditions and cast William Baldwin, Estella Warren and Sarah Butler as the key actors. With over 25 films under his belt, including the award-winning The Squid & The Whale and the lead in this year's hit The Craigslist Killer, The Stranger Inside marks Baldwin's blockbuster retro famous return. Meanwhile, Sarah Butler continues her penchant for thrillers following her lead in the cult film I Spit on Your Grave and Estella Warren builds on her film debut in Tim Burton's version of Planet of the Apes.

This year, the Majorcan film industry has not been busier.
Halle Berry and Tom Hanks recently spent months filming the 150 million dollar Cloud Atlas on the island and parts of the forthcoming French blockbuster Jappeloup, about the Olympic winning horse, have also been recently shot at Son Pardo hippodrome and the bull ring.

And next year, Harvey Keitel will be filming on the island.


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