BALEARIC pupils will participate in special programmes to promote courage and to eradicate bullying.
In the school year 2005-2006, a total of 9'780 primary and secondary pupils will take part in educational programmes run by the association Aldeas Infantiles SOS. In a communique, the association said that the programme “The Aldeas Infantiles values” is aimed at pupils from 6 to 12 years old.
The first part of the programme, called “Warm Up”, encourages pupils to think about which things they find the easiest and hardest to do, so they know which things need more effort from them. The second part is entitled “Training” and emphasizes the importance of being patient to get what you want. The last part, “Doing Better” is dedicated to encouraging in the children an eagerness to excel themselves. Elsewhere, 1'980 pupils in 33 Balearic schools will take part in the second part of the programme “Stop and think”, which promotes the eradication of bullying.