GUARDIA Civil officers, local police and judiciary remain hard at work in establishing the facts surrounding the appearance of the body of a young male on a road embankment in Capdepera late Wednesday evening.

To date, the principal theory is that 24-year-old Manuel Trejo Pomar was run over before falling over the edge of the roadway. The centre of the investigation is now focusing on whether he was in shock after the impact and fell of his own accord down the embankment or whether someone had pushed or thrown him from the height of the road.

Trejo was well known in Capdepera where he worked as a plumber and building site worker. At 8pm on Wednesday, a group of his companions made their way to an airports authority radio beacon situated on the outskirts of Capdepera. Going up a slope, they spotted blood stains alongside a pair of glasses and scarf which they identified as having belonged to their friend, Manuel. Further up the steep hill they spotted his beige-coloured Land Rover with all the related documentation inside it. Some twenty metres beyond that down an embankment, the group finally spotted his fallen body. An autopsy showed that he had probably died at about 10am from head injuries suffered in the fall but other internal breakages and fractures suggest he had been hit by a vehicle prior to the fall.


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