THE Balearic coalition government has recovered its majority in the regional Parliament following the resignation of Bartomeu Vicens, a Mixed Party MP who has been sentenced to four years in prison for his part in a corruption scandal.

The move came just hours after Balearic President Francesc Antich announced that rather than call an election, he was prepared to govern in a minority. Antich had until now depended on the support of Vicens who had previously represented the Majorcan Unionist party prior to his implication in a number of “irregular” business deals.

Together with the Socialists, the left-wing “Bloc” coalition, and the Majorcan Unionists, Vicens' single Mixed Group parliamentary seat had given Antich's government a majority in Parliament over the rival Partido Popular centre right party.

Antich had argued that Vicens should renounce his status as MP to “protect the dignity” of Parliament.
And, late on Friday night, the President of the Majorcan Unionist party, Miquel Angel Flaquer, confirmed that Vicens was going to step down over the next few days and his place will be taken by the present Mayor of Andratx, Isabel Alemany.

Biel Barcelo, spokesman for the Bloc coalition, has welcomed the resignation of Vicens, and clarified that through his substitution, the present Balearic government would be able to retain its majority in the regional Parliament. “It was essential that this step be taken,” said Barcelo, “to give the government back its credibility.”


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