NOW we all know that in the eyes of the law we are all equal but when you or I go to court we don´t need the protection of 200 police officers. The King´s youngest daughter, the Infanta Cristina, appears in court in Palma this morning to answer charges of tax fraud and money laundering. A ring of steel has been thrown up around the courthouse in Palma´s Via Alemania and 300 journalists from across the world are covering the event. Now to save the hard-pressed tax payer a few euros I am sure that the judge could  have questioned the Infanta via live video link. It would have saved having to draft in extra police officers to Palma from the mainland and given the hundreds of residents around Palma´s law courts a welcome break on a Saturday morning, but no. She is a “normal citizen” in the eyes of the law and therefore she must do what all normal citizens do and go to court and face the judge. Her only privilege is that she will be driven to the door of the law courts rather than having to make the “walk of shame” infront of the world´s media. The obsession to show everyone that the Infanta is not getting any special treatment will cost a small fortune because of the massive police operation. I don´t think anyone would have really got upset if the Infanta was questioned via video link rather than in person. It would have saved plenty of money and also rather eased some of the tensions which now exists in Palma ahead of the hearing.


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