By Francisco Cortez

British ceramic sculptor Rachel Grimshaw was yesterday awarded the second highest award at the fifth Marraxti International Ceramic Convention.

Marratxi.—The Wigan based artist first heard about the international competition online and decided to apply by sending photographs of her stoneware black body stain and iron oxide sculpture entitled “Black Lift”.
The response was positive and she was asked to post her work to Majorca so the judges could take a closer look.
To her surprise a few months later she received an email confirming she had won second prize.  Out of 209 artists from 42 different countries that entered the contest, the judges considered Rachel’s work worthy of the “Marratxi land of pottery” award, only behind Japanese artist Kino Satoshi, awarded the top prize and a 6,000 euro cheque and who, incidentally is now a big fan of Rachel’s work.