THE airlines say that Winter flights from the majority of British airports to Majorca are unprofitable and there is little demand. It is the usual chicken and egg scenario. But more hotels are now opening in the Winter and perhaps the time has come for the Balearic government to give the airlines a helping hand. If Majorca wants to be a successful Winter holiday destination then we must have more flights and Ithink that the Balearic government should delve into their coffers and help airlines promote Majorca during the Winter. I am not saying that flights should be subsidised but the airlines could do with some financial help in the form of joint promotion campaigns or even lower landing fees at Palma airport during the Winter. Team Sky, the home of Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome, hold successful training camps in the north of the island every Winter, but even they could go elsewhere because of the shortage of flights. This would be a nightmare scenario because Team Sky give the island some vital publicity and promotion. One of the reasons why cycling has become increasingly popular on the island is because of the Team Sky training camps.If Team Sky left the island and headed for the South of France it would mean that all the hard work of many years would simply disappear. Majorca needs to be connected with Manchester, Glasgow and London throughout the Winter, to say the least. It is the government’s job to ensure that there are flights.