HUNDREDS of people have been supporting the online campaign which we launched on Monday night calling for more flights during the winter months between the island and Britain. In a major debate on our facebook page Majorca holiday home owners in Britain  said that they would love to come to the island during the winter but they were forced to cancel their plans because of a shortage of flights. Real estate agents even said that it was hitting the property market because some people were unwilling to invest in a holiday home on the island because of the shortage of flights during the low season. According to our fabebook site, tourists are keen to come to the island during the low season and many are baffled as to why all the winter flights were scrapped. I have always found it rather strange that tour firms, after many years, decided to stop their winter programmes to the island. This led to the death of our resorts during the winter months. Even British residents complain that the shortage of flights during the winter has dented their travel plans and they have been forced to stay on the island. Judging by the massive response there is a demand for more flights. I am not saying that all major British airports should have flights but at least some such as the bigger airports at Birmingham and Manchester. Winter tourism can easily become a reality on Majorca. Let us campaign for the island to become a holiday destination all year around.