THE debate over whether the Balearic Government should curb and regulate all inclusive holidays has gained momentum with the Association of Shopkeepers and Tourist Services companies calling on the local authorities to take action. For years these prepaid holidays were barely mentioned but they are now being pushed into the spotlight with the Calvia Council passing a motion to try and regulate them and now a powerful business lobby doing likewise. Thousands of jobs are at stake with all inclusive holidays being blamed for the demise of bars and restaurants across Majorca. The business lobby is also calling for more winter flights and hotels to open during the winter season. What rather annoys me about all inclusive packages is that they have been rolled out across Majorca and nothing has been said. Surely, the local government should have at least taken note and warned that bars and restaurants would suffer. Now, obviously there is a massive demand for these pre-paid packages especially in these hard times but do we really want Majorca to become a holiday destination ruled by the all inclusive package? Is this really the way forward? What is the point of the Balearic Government advertising and promoting Majorca’s scenic countryside and coastline if a sizeable number of tourists are not even going to leave their hotel! There is a lot more to this island than just an endless supply of food and booze around a swimming pool.