The Mayor of Palma, Mateo Isern and the Balearic President, Jose Ramon Bauza, accompanied by the President of the Council of Majorca, opened the fair.


Palma.—The President of the Balearics, Jose Ramon Bauza and the Mayor of Palma, Mateo Isern, opened the 31st Palma Boat Show yesterday with the President proclaiming the event as a “global showcase” for the local nautical industry and praised everyone involved for the hard work.
The President made the comments just hours after the Balearic Government signed an agreement in Brussels to promote sustainable nautical tourism.
This is the first boat show since the controversial matriculation tax applicable to all non-Spanish registered yachts operating as charter vessels was scrapped and this should open the flood gates for a boom in the local charter industry.
And Bauza said that the nautical industry is vital for the local economy and must be given all the support it can to be allowed to expand and grow.