Over 2,000 people joined the May Day march through Palma yesterday and called for an end to further cuts by the government.

Palma.—Only this week, figures have shown that while the economy may be showing signs of a recovery, the employment market certainly is not and with 100 percent unemployment gripping 51,000 households in the Balearics, demonstrators marched through Palma calling for an end to the “genocide” of the working class.
The Secretary General of the CCOO workers’ commission, Jose Luis Garcia, said that yesterday’s march was the largest demonstration against the government’s austerity policies yet.
“Every one has had enough of seeing their civil and working rights being stripped away,” he said.
Garcia said that over the past four years, the government has “dismantled” the middle class and committed “genocide” on the working class.
“We’ve lost all social cohesion and the welfare state has disappeared,” he said referring to the thousands of people who are out of work and are no longer entitled to any form of benefit.