Dear Sir,
I read today that the hoteliers are continuing to bleat on about competition from private renters. As if they haven’t already got a monopoly on virtually every euro the visitors spend.
Will this country never wake up?
Stopping private rentals has been a disaster for Majorca (and Spain), when I rented my property every visitor spent a fortune on bars, restaurants, hire cars, retail etc and exploring the island.
To avoid conflict with an authority (or should I say a dictatorship) I do not rent, and my property sits empty, no one visits to spend money, and I can not afford to pay for new bathrooms, kitchens, and furniture and improvements, because I have no rental income. I have been involved with property sales and everyone wants to buy and holiday rent.
The fact that you can’t, keep prices low, if not in many cases unsaleable. This affects the estate agents, solicitors and builders. I believe this is the only country in the world where you cannot holiday rent. Where are our human rights? They appear to stop at Spain’s borders. So much for the common market. So much for the monopoly commission. The only thing that counts is what the hoteliers think.
How did they get the politicians to support them to the exclusion of every other business, I can only guess, can’t you? Now Majorca wants to continue to improve its image, with fully inclusive hotels, I don’t think so.
You only have to see the hoards of people coming through the airport, and boarding their coach on the way to their “enclosure” I mean hotel. What ever you call it, the visitor is encouraged to never venture out to spend anything, but to stay and feed the greed of the hotelier. This is a policy of madness and the absolute enemy of business and fair play.
In my opinion the hotel industry and their influence over the government is the down fall of this country.

Yours faithfully,
Jim Anderson