MAJORCA is busy telling anyone who will listen that it has become a major destination for international cyclists. And to some extent it is true. But as usual the Balearic Government hasn´t done its homework. The island is not prepared for thousands of cyclists. There is a major shortage of cycle routes. The local government has recently passed legislation which says that all new roads should have a cycle path as well, a very good idea but surely they should have thought of this earlier? Cyclists also need to be told that they must obey the rules of the road and be extremely careful. Now the portaloo incident in Andraitx  hasn´t done our visiting cycling friends much good either.  The fact that the council were forced to install portaloos because cyclists were “spending a penny”  on private land clearly shows that the police do have a role to play. It is illegal in Spain, like many other countries, to urinate in public. Perhaps, the police or the council could have had a friendly word with the cycle tour organisers in Andraitx before this incident reached the front pages of local newspapers. So really a bit more organisation is needed. You can´t convert this island  into a cycling destination just because you have some roads and breath-taking countryside and coastline. I would urge the local authorities to work with cycling tour firms and put some ground-laws in place. We should welcome cyclists with open arms but Majorca needs to be prepared.