Teresa Palmer held talks yesterday with the Mayor, Manu Manuel Onieva and the local police chiefs to discuss this summer’s security operation.

Palma.—Magalluf is starting to fill up and the central government delegate to the Balearics, Teresa Palmer, yesterday met Calvia security chief, hoteliers and bar and night club owners  to find out what the security plans are for this summer and also discuss the main problems the resorts face and what can be done to solve them.
Calvia Councillor for Foreign Residents, Angie Guerraro said yesterday; “I’m afraid to say that we are, to some degree, still struggling with the  delinquent  “ ladies of the night “ in certain areas.
“I have been bombarded by phone calls, messages, texts and face to face conversations about this serious issue.
“People are frustrated and want to know what the Town Hall are doing to resolve the problem.
“Firstly I must explain that this issue is a complex one, which is not within the Town Hall remit, ( although we are the FIRST ones that want it to be resolved ).