I was once rather eurospectic.  Infact, I thought that the European Union was a complete waste of time. But, I have changed my views on Europe as a result of all the rhetoric I have heard from the United Kingdom Independence Party and certain elements of the Conservative Party. And I am not alone. Support for the European Union has actually risen in Britain over recent months and there is a strong possibility that Britain will vote yes to stay in the European Union if and when a referendum ever takes place.  I have now reached the conclusion that Britain should work with the European Union rather than trying to undermine it. Now, for one minute forget Land of Hope and Glory and all things Elgar and imagine what Britain would do if it left the European Union, and went it alone like UKIP and certain Tories are calling for. Now the dream is that Britain would stand alone and trade with Europe and other partners across the globe and we would do very nicely. Now, that is the theory. But after five years of deep recession I don´t think now is the time to risk Britain´s economic recovery. The British economy is doing well and soon Britain will overtake France as Europe´s second biggest economy. So if it isn´t broken don´t change it. Wait and see. Work with Europe for change from within and not outside and forget silly ideas of standing alone. There is strength in numbers. All those that believe in the fact that Britain can be a great trading nation should look at our balance of payment’s deficit. Britain imports far more than it exports. Europe has its faults but it is the best club in town.