The Balearics not only had a very special nautical visitor yesterday but also some great news.

Palma.—No sooner had  the  Royal Caribbean International Freedom class cruise ship, MS Liberty of the Seas, docked in the Port of Palma for the first time, figures were released by the National Port Authority, that the Balearics has led the increase in cruise passengers coming to Spain this year.
According to the report, during the first quarter of this year, Balearic ports handled 148,097 cruise passengers, that is a82 percent higher than during the fiercest three months of last year.
What is more, the 42 cruises shipped which put into Balearic ports represents a 68 percent increase in comparison to Q1 of last 2013.
But the sight of Liberty of the Seas, which is going to be based in Barcelona this summer and regularly calling into Palma, was impressive as she dwarfed every other ship in port.