By Jason Moore
Calvia.—The Calvia Council are looking  at legislation which has been introduced in San Antonio, a resort which is known as Ibiza´s  “Magalluf.”
Tough new fines have been introduced by the San Antonio Council in an effort to curb unruly behaviour before the start of the summer season.

This is a break-down of the new legislation:
- Offering or accepting paid sexual services, up to 3,000 euro fine.
- Urinating and other bodily functions in the street; up to 1,500 euro fine.
- Drinking alcohol (street parties) up to 1,500 euro fine.
- Not wearing a top in  town centres and public areas, a fine of up to 750 euros.
- Shouting in the street, especially at night and not respecting  others, a fine of 750 euros.
- Littering up to 600 euro fine.

Recommendations for peaceful co-existance:
- Always use legal public transport and do not take illegal mini-cabs, they are an illegal service with no guarantees and could be  dangerous.
-Always request the certified tourist permit from the establishments where you are staying. If they do not have one then the service offers no guarantees.
-Respect public beaches and nature spots.
-Street selling is illegal and the products they offer have no warranty or quality.

Obviously, San Antonio has similar problems to Magalluf  and the new council legislation aims to combat everything from antisocial behaviour to illegal holidays lets. At the moment the Calvia Council are working closely with the office of the Central Government Delegate in Palma and are aiming to launch a massive crackdown on muggers masquerading as prostitutes and also street vendors. The two police forces in the municipality;the Guardia Civil and local police will be working closely together throughout the summer. Tourists have told the Bulletin that they will not return to Magalluf until it is safe. The tourist industry also maintains that Magalluf is giving Majorca  a bad name.