Palma.—Last year, 7, 300 million euros was spent on tobacco and 3,200 million euros on alcohol last year.
And, those who spent  were us here in the Balearics!
According to the results of a study carried out by the EAE Business School, here in the Balearics we spent an average of 73 euros on alcohol last year however, on the flip side, we gamble the least amount of money, an average of 43 euros per capita.
When it comes to tobacco, the biggest spenders and obviously smokers, are to be found in Extremadura, Madrid and  Aaragon where averages of 204, 186 and 184 euros and spent per person respectively. Those who spend the least on tobacco and smoke the least are in the Canary Islands, Navarra and Catalonia  - 89, 119 and 125 euros per capita respectively.