THREE months ago there were reports that Majorca would be suffering hotel overbooking in May. The season would start earlier and end later, the Balearic Government was predicting. But now we are in May and I think Majorca has a severe case of “underbooking” rather than “overbooking.” In fact, Ihave been told that we are about 20 percent down on this time last year eventhough the Balearic Government were confidently predicting that this would be a record summer season. Now, obviously there are tourists about especially at the weekend but we haven´t  seen the big “invasion”which was being forecast. No-one doubts that June, July, August and even September will be busy but  Majorca can´t survive on a four month summer season. Now, Iam also told that the Balearics are not doing exceptionally well this year;Greece has slashed prices and is welcoming tourists with open arms. Meanwhile, Majorca continues to have the tag of an “expensive holiday destination.” So what can we learn from this whole bumper-season-turns-to-empty promise scenario? That you shouldn´t  believe forecasts until the tourists are actually walking up the promenade. The Balearic Government needs a good holiday season because it will be the last before the local elections in May next year. I have spent most of the low season calling for more winter tourists, I am not calling for more summer tourists! Please, come on holiday to the island, we need you!