Palma.—Central government announced yesterday that it is going to shortly bring in new laws which will protect some 40,000 marine hectares in Balearic waters in particular the Ausias March, Emile Baudot and Fort d’en Moreau underwater mountain ranges between Majorca and Ibiza.
According to central government sources, trawler fishing is also going to be prohibited in these areas.
The  move has been supported by the Balearic Government, fishing unions and environmental groups which have been growing increasingly concerned about over fishing in the Mediterranean and the damage trawler fishing is doing to the marine habitat.
Under the new laws, a further 8,705 marine hectares will come under protection around the Cabrera National Park.
And, in another encouraging move, yesterday  high-level officials representing Mediterranean countries, including Maria Damanaki, EU Commissioner for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, expressed their commitment to put an end to overfishing in the Mediterranean  while considering marine ecosystems and preserving fragile habitats.