31-03-2014Vasil Vasilev

Palma’s traffic congestion problem  in 2013 was just as bad as it was the previous year, according to the latest Traffic Index from TomTom.

Palma.—The annual report was published yesterday and Palma is still the third most congested capital in Spain.
Drivers in Palma face a 23 percent chance of their journeys being extended due to traffic jams and congestion, the same as in 2012.
According to the report, during rush  hour, drivers in Palma have their journeys delayed by an average of 18 minutes per every 90 minutes. In total, a driver who has to commute an average of 30 minutes every day to get to work will spend 53 hours of every year stuck behind the wheel in a traffic jam.
That equates to around 2,120 hours lost during a 40 year working career.
What is more, the most congested times during the week are rush hour on Wednesday morning and Tuesday afternoon.
Harold Goddijn, the Chief Executive of TomTom said that traffic congestion is nothing new.
“But, it is a hurdle we are constantly trying to overcome all around the world. New roads are being built while existing ones are being widened, but this does not appear to be having any effect.


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