YESTERDAY I asked our thousands of friends on Facebook  what they liked about Majorca and the scores of results were interesting.
The best part of 95 percent love the island and many have either been coming here on holiday for as long as 25 to 30 years or fell in love with the island so much, they moved here.
Some people simply answered by saying they loved ‘everything’ while others went in to greater detail about the villages, the landscape, the weather, the beaches, the food, the people, the culture, the architecture, the history, the sailing, the current exchange rate, the secluded bays  and the fact Majorca is just a few hours away from the UK.
However, there are others who are happy with Majorca but not content.
There were complaints about the gradual drop in the quality of service over  the years, the increase in prices, the lack of investment in many of the hotels and of course, the lack of security in resorts like Magalluf and the Playa de Palma.
Even on the flip side, one person said they loved the island thanks to the “All inclusive hotels  -  20 euros in the back pocket for two weeks...”
The island clearly has something for everyone and perhaps, as many of the long term visitors have pointed out, in particularly one couple who has been coming three times a year for decades, the authorities need to appreciate what they’ve got and exploit it.