Tourists are ignoring the new good citizen laws.


By Francisco Cortez

Palma City council has decided to bring forward the new citizen good behaviour laws with immediate effect, following reports that very few residents and tourists were taking the information campaign led by the local police seriously.

Palma.—The new laws, intended to stop Majorcan residents and visitors from walking on the streets without their shirts on, tackle illegal street vendors and put an end to public binge drinking were not due to come into full effect until  August. The council explained it intended to send police officers across  the municipality on an information campaign but recent events have led to a drastic turn of events.
German tourists have been spotted along the Playa de Palma  carrying large quantities of alcohol  in glass bottles to drink while sitting on the beach, while illegal street vendors were also going about their business as usual.
Beach masseuses were also seen conducting their business with little regard for the new  laws (at least four were seen in less than 30 minutes yesterday), while the police presence was said to be nonexistent.
But all that could be about to change.


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