The Balearics, Ibiza, in particular has been branded as being one of the key entry points into new Europe of new synthetic drugs.

Palma.—The Director for Health at the Central Government Delegate to the Balearics, Raul Izquierdo, yesterday warned that Ibiza has become one of the key entry points for new “untested” synthetic drugs for Europe.
Izquierdo said that while the security forces across the region are stepping up their crack down on narcotics this Summer, people should be aware of the serious dangers these new and, often unknown drugs,  pose to health.
“In many of the cases, we don’t even know some of these synthetic drugs exists until we come across them, and that makes them even more dangerous,” he said.
Izquierdo said this Summer, the security forces are going on special training courses to help in the war against drugs but he expressed his concern in the fact that the use of synthetic and Psychoactive  drugs is becoming more common. He praised the great work the security forces have achieved in the war on drugs but admitted that despite their great effort, it is  a problem which is very difficult to  totally control.