THE Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is standing fine and will not allow a referendum on Catalan independence to go ahead eventhough the wealthy Spanish province has said that they will be holding a “people´s vote” on home rule later this year. Now, obviously both sides will be closely watching the referendum in Scotland where support for a breakaway from the United Kingdom has fallen flat. Now, I suspect that the majority of Catalans would vote “no” to independence if they were given the opportunity to vote. Granted, it is a risky business but  I can´t see Catalonia really voting to become an independent state, the risks are far too  high. But Rajoy´s policy is just strengthening the Catalan desire for a breakaway. One thing that Prime Minister David Cameron deserves credit for is for allowing Scotland to hold a referendum.  He has also won praise in Catalonia. Now, obviously Cameron looked at the polls before he decided to give the green light to a Scottish vote on independence which at that time were about 60 against and 40 for home rule. Since then the polls have closed with about 55 percent wanting  to stay within the United Kingdom and 45 wanting to leave. In Catalonia more than 50 percent of the electorate wants to stay part of Spain but 80 percent believe that they should be allowed a referendum. Rajoy must change his attitude to Catalonia. This problem is not going to go away. Dialogue is the way forward.