So, is Spain on the road to economic recovery or not?
The  Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, who was in Palma yesterday for talks and lunch with King Felipe VI at Marivent Palace, told the media that the country’s economy was on the road to recovery.
His exact words were: “recovery is steady and ever-increasing.”
And, Rajoy went on to say that above all, his  government aims to bring “trust” and “certainty,” the key two ingredients that stimulate economic growth and are responsible for the 0.6% increase in the GDP this trimester.
However, when he was asked about reforming the Balearic financial system so that the region could get a fairer deal from central government, the Prime Minister ruled out any changes  until the economy has recovered and that central government’s financial position is stronger.
The Balearics pays in nearly more than any other region to Madrid but in return, receives nearly the least, and that is what the regional government wants addressed - apparently.
But, it appears that while on the one hand Spain is steaming along the road to economic recovery, it is still shuffling when it comes to giving the Balearics a better deal.
That said, I did not hear the Balearic President, Jose Ramon Bauza, complaining yesterday.
 He appears quite content to tow the party line and do as he is told. It’s just too hot to bother I guess.