Majorca’s planetarium in Costitx  is preparing special sessions tonight from 10.30pm for those interested in watching the meteor shower Perseidas phenomenon.
Each session will last approximately 30 minutes.
After each session, visitors will be escorted to another area where more details about the meteor shower will be explained by the planetarium staff.
The observation of Perseidas, also called the tears of San Lorenzo, will take place at the amphitheatre without the use of any telescope, as the phenomenon which normally occurs between the end of July and mid August, is clearly visible to the open eye.
Organisers said yesterday the activity is free of charge but warned places are limited.
They recommended those interested to make their booking via e-mail to: cienciaplanetarium@gmail.com, stating name and surname, NIE, the number of people in the group (up to a maximum of five) and telephone number.
Snacks and drinks can be bought from the Planetarium’s canteen.
There will also be a raffle for two flight tickets to Barcelona and a theme dinner “dining with the stars” at the local Fabra Observatory.