Biel Company “should resign with immediate effect.” | JOAN TORRES


By Francisco Cortez

Turmoil in the Balearic Government. Opposition party members  yesterday demanded  face to face talks with the Balearic President, Jose Ramon Bauza, after a report was published last week revealing he knew preliminary oil prospecting works were taking place in local waters.

Social party representatives (PSIB) are outraged with what they call “a blatant lie to the Balearic public” and have called for a meeting with the leader of the government “even though his credibility is long gone”.
They have also demanded that Biel Company, the Balearic Minister  for the Environment,  steps down.
The party argues that both Bauza and Company knew compressed air canon tests took place last year and that technical reports derived from those tests advised against the move.
“This is so serious that it must have immediate consequences,” Socialist party  members said.
“Company must resign now, as a sign of respect and dignity to the people of the Balearics and  to the government.

Lost credibility
“As of Jose Ramon Bauza, we hope he comes to the next parliamentary session, even though his credibility is long lost.
“This government is completely out of touch. We are tired of exposing lies after lies and this situation is the highlight of total incapacity to resolve problems, lie to their citizens and hide important information from them,” they added.
“The government knew about the tests and yet failed to inform the population.
“How is it possible that knowing the situation could be damaging for the future of the community nothing was done to stop works from continuing?,” Socialist MP  Marc Pons said.