The Balearic Ministry for Health yesterday recommended that the general public takes a series of precautions to combat the intense heat, especially  high risk groups such as  the elderly, children, the chronically ill and those who work outdoors.
In a statement, the Government explained different measures to cope with the heat such as  drinking  more fluids, limit physical activity, avoid large meals, wear cool clothes and try and cool down as often as possible.
Also  take  food safety measures such as not  breaking  the cold chain, handle them properly, keep them properly cooled, or clean and disinfect fruits and vegetables.
The 061 hot line  is available to users for any medical advice. It has also created an  information   and monitoring service which will know well in advance when there will be a heat wave and what action has to be taken.According to the Ministry for  Health, it  has established four levels according to the maximum and minimum temperatures, which in the case of the Balearics are  a maximum of 35 °C  and  a minimum  of 22°C.
Depending on the forecast for the next five days, it has four different levels of warnings.  (Level 0 (green) no risk is established; Level 1 (yellow) low risk, level 2 (orange) average risk; level 3 (red) high risk).

Red alert
Level 1 (yellow) is activated when the emergency service  considers that within five days there will be one or two consecutive temperatures above the thresholds.
 If  they  think that the thresholds will be exceeded for three or four consecutive days, level 2 (orange) will be issued.
Finally, level 3 (red) is activated when temperatures are expected to exceed  the thresholds for five days or more. Each of these levels implies the activation of certain measures.