Criminals heading to Majorca to prey on distracted tourists. | joan torres


Palma Local Police has increased the number of patrols  along the Playe de Palma after the number of robberies and thefts reported in the area have risen  considerably over the last few days.
The authorities explained yesterday that the majority of criminals come to the island on purpose during the peak of summer, disguising themselves as tourists to blend in and then try and steal from “actual tourists”.
A police spokesperson said they usually stay in hostels or cheap accomodation and then head to the beach and prey on distracted visitors.
A number of suspects have been arrested over the last few days, and the number of patrols on the beat is set to increase even further.
The latest case dates back to Sunday when a 37-year old-woman of Colombian nationality managed to convince a 27-year-old German tourist to go to the beach with her.
Once there, she took her top off and then proceeded to take his shorts off. She then threw the shorts to a couple of accomplices, two Romanian males, who were near by lying on the sun beds.
On this occasion the tourist was lucky enough that a German police officer on holidays on the island witnessed the event and managed to grab the woman before she escaped. She has now been arrested and so has one of the accomplices who was captured after a local police officer chased him down.