The prospection debate is not going away. | EFE


Despite Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy stating in Palma last week that oil and gas prospecting will not go ahead in the Balearics “if there is the slightest risk to the environment” and the anti-prospecting movement was angered yesterday after the government gave the green light to goas and oil prospecting to go ahead in the Canary Islands.
Spain’s energy ministry yesterday  released details of a controversial deal allowing oil giant Repsol to begin exploring for oil and gas off the Canary Islands, despite fierce opposition from environmental groups and the regional government.
Repsol will pay up to €60 million  in civil liability and environmental risk  insurance in return for a green light to begin the controversial oil explorations, an official state bulletin published yesterday reveals.
The energy giant and its partners in the project, Woodside Energy Iberia and RWE Dea AG, will now have four years in which to carry out exploratory drilling.