The Bulletin was contacted by the BBC yesterday to take part in a discussion about the behaviour of the British abroad in the wake of some new anti-social, and highly unhygienic, practices going on in Egypt and the paper decided to throw the debate open to our readers on Facebook - and very interesting it was.

One obvious point was that it is not only the British, but understandably the British media that is only interested in what Britons get up to on holiday, as we have seen over the past few months in Magalluf. None of the British journalists went to the Playa de Palma to see what the Germans were getting up, and it is pretty much the same. A Norwegian TV crew covering Magalluf, which is very popular with Scandinavians, assured me that their fellow countrymen and women, can behave even worse than the British and as many people posted on Facebook, the Italians are a law under themselves as well.

But, one ‘friend’ came up with a fact that has annoyed me ever since I moved to Majorca 20 years ago.

There is one local newspaper which, whenever it has to feature a cartoon about a British holiday maker, it always depicts them as drunken football hooligans and I am often called a hooligan by my so called colleagues. I consider that discriminatory and an insult.

The majority of the British residents who have come here to either work or retire are up standing members of the community and should be respected as such. We’re not holiday makers!