Palma.—So, Balearic Tourism Minister, Jaime Martínez, went in front of the press to explain the new Tourism Law Decree and ended up saying virtually nothing, though it is worth noting that this nothing included one gem.
 “We have done what has never been done before,” he announced, and gave no further explanation as to what on earth he was talking about.
According to Martínez, the new decree will widen the type of tourist rental available; indeed, “it will increase the number of dwellings that can be rented out”. If this is the case, he was keeping the reasons to himself.

Strange clauses
The strange clauses contained in the decree under Article 105 would appear to contradict him.
They establish that properties for tourist “stays” have to have been built before 1960.
On closer examination of the original draft, the requirement for obtaining permission only applies to semi-detached properties; hence, an owner would need to ask his or her neighbour.