The Palma Federation of Resident Associations   yesterday presented an appeal against the new citizens’ Good Behaviour Law, to the Balearics Supreme Justice Court .
The federation  argues that the law is “unconstitutional” with its president going further adding it “violates the basic rights of the local citizens, including the right to meet, manifestate, gather in public and intimacy”.
Even though the law does not specify clearly that these actions represent an infringement to the law, Joan Forteza, president of the federation says their interpretation is “to open to the judgment of the police who is called to intervene”.
Forteza continued: “In all of them the first thought is that it is an offense, which could be a threat to the freedom of our citizens.
“At any given moment the  police can stop you and take you to the police station.”
“In my opinion there is excess pressure from the police when it comes to the new law, which is negative by itself.”