How Palma’s Club de Mar could look in the future. | ULTIMA HORA


The projects have already sparked controversy from environmentalists, opposition parties and even residents in some cases, but the Balearic Association of Yacht Clubs (ACNB) yesterday said that they considered the three projects to reform and expand the Club de Mar and Molinar Yacht Club in Palma and Ibiza Yacht Club as “very positive” for the industry.
Residents in El Molinar, on the outskirts of Palma, are deeply opposed to the expansion and reformation of the marina but the Association said that it was built 100 years ago and certain measures have got to be taken to tighten health and safety, never mind improve services and make the club more profitable.

Some 60 million euros is going to be spent on reforming the Club de Mar and making it more accessible to the general public while new systems will be installed to make the club for eco-friendly.