By Francisco Cortez

Beer festival “Birracruzis”, which this year celebrates its ninth edition on Majorca is causing quite a stir among the local community.The famous pub crawl, in which youngsters go from bar to bar drinking as much beer as they can, was criticised by the Catholic church and some neighbours (the festival is celebrated all over the island and on the mainland  as well) in the beginning of the Summer for being to extreme and “encouraging youngsters to engage in  alcohol abuse activities”.
Now, a few months later, more groups have slammed the public administrations who run the festival.
The Parents of Students Association of Majorca and the platform Active Families Network released a press statement yesterday highlighting the “negative effects of the promotion of these kinds of events on youngsters in places like Magalluf for example”.
“They encourage youngsters to take part in these drinking activities in broad daylight and fail to control whether or not they engage in the consumption of toxic substances,” they said.