According to initial reports from the emergency services, the young man was trying to climb from one room to another through an exterior window. The man aged in his early to mid-twenties fell up to 25 metres (82 feet) from the fourth floor of the building,  where a French holiday maker fell to his death two weeks ago, according to the emergency services. The accident occurred at around 10am at an apartment complex in calle Martin Ros García, emergency services said.
The young man, whose name was not given, is thought to have been trying to climb from one room to another via the outside of the building when he fell.
He suffered multiple injuries and was rushed to the Son Espases hospital in a serious condition.   
It is not known whether he had been drinking at the time of the accident. The man is the latest victim of the craze known as ‘balconing’ in which tourists attempt to jump or climb  from one apartment balcony to another, or leap from a balcony to a swimming pool below.