by Francisco Cortez

Majorcan fisherman are worried that the continuing decline in lobster prices and with ten days to go until the end of the season they suffer “serious” financial losses.The demand for lobsters has fallen sharply, while the amount of lobster brought in by the fisherman continues to increase.
This has led to a fall in the price paid for the marine crustaceans. “The amount of lobsters we have captured this year is better than last year but in terms of gains it has been a disastrous season,” Biel Payera, the president of Alcudia’s Fisherman Association  said yesterday.
“The kilo of lobster is now being sold at 45 euros  but it was sold at 35 throughout the majority of the season.
“The prices we are selling at, at  the moment, are similar to the ones seen a decade ago. And at least 5 to 6 euros less than last year,” Payera added.