The Mallorca Cricket Club could soon be searching for a newhome. The Magalluf redevelopment plans mean that the present home of the club could soon become part of a new hotel complex. Now, while the plans for this new development have been broadly welcomed by all because it will create and sustain hundreds of new jobs it means that the Cricket Club could be facing a battle for survival. Plans for the redevelopment were first announced seven years ago but it had appeared that the project had been quietly forgotten until bulldozers started to appear close to the home of the Cricket Club earlier this year. Now, so far the club hasn´t heard anything officially. The Cricket Club are trying to organise a meeting with the developers, the hotel chain  and the Calvia Council to discuss their future. I would appeal to all three to at least give the Cricket Club an explanation especially because it is a focal point for the foreign community on the island. The club may not own the ground but they do deserve an answer. It must be remembered that visiting teams provide vital revenue for Calvia during the winter months and the Cricket Club´s Bonfire Night is one  of the most popular expatriate events in Spain. I sincerely hope that this issue is resolved soon. If a new home has to be found then I believe that everyone should help the club in its hour of need and if they can stay on their present site then they should be told so at once.