The British Jaguar Classic Cars Club and the British MG Classic Cars Club  will be visiting and touring Majorca for the first time ever next month.The two clubs, which for the moment will be bringing over 32 vehicles, are going to be based at the Lindner Golf & Wellness Resort Portals Nous.
The first group is the British Jaguar Classic Cars Club.
The vehicles actually arrive in Bilboa by ferry on 3 September and will  then cruise down to Barcelona, sail across to Palma and check in to what will be their headquarters until 14 September.
Included in the group of Jaguars are  models such as a Mark 2, E-type, Daimler Double 6,XKR, XK150, XK8, XK140, XJSc, XK8, XJS , XK8, XK150, Mark 2, SS100, XKR, XK, XJS, XK8 and XK120.
During the week, a host of special events have been organised.