Who do you believe? The Spanish Ministry for Tourism maintains that 2014 has been a great year for Balearic tourism. Meanwhile, the latest tourism spending figures claim that tourists actually left behind less money in the Balearics this year and British tour firms claim that bookings to Majorca are down.  Even the hoteliers say that their levels of occupancy have also suffered this year. So really it depends on who you believe. I have got the impression that there are fewer tourists about this summer but the massive growth in all inclusive holidays mean that many tourists do not leave their hotels. Now the tourism euphoria from the Spanish Government could be part of a drive to show that the economy is on the mend and tourism is booming. Now official figures from the Spanish ministry did say that there had been a big drop in the number of German holidaymakers coming to our shores. Now, this is highly unusual because German tourism to the island has been on the increase for many years. But the Spanish Government claim that growth in other markets had counterbalanced the drop. So basically we are in  the dark. The differing tourism picture should cause some concern and makes me believe that summer 2014 will be an average season rather than an exceptional one. You see the hoteliers have nothing to gain from saying their occupancy level is low but the government has plenty to gain from saying it is high.