Palma.—With 40 years of experience in entertaining young people in Majorca behind it, the Cursach Group, which owns restaurants, clubs, cafes and bars and caters for over 1,.5 million people every year, has decided that the only thing that was missing from its empire were beds and has decided to move into the hotel sector.

The group, famous for owning and running BCM, voted this year’s second best night club in the world, has created a new hotel division and has appointed Katy Sayburn, who worked for the Monarch Group for ten years , ending up as Overseas Purchasing & Operations Director and the first female member of the board, as the Director General of Grupo Cursach Hotels.

Sayburn, like the rest of the group is extremely excited about the new project which will open on 30 April next year.

The group will take over the two Mallorca Rocks Hotels at the end of the summer season and completely refurbish them to create the BH Hotel complex.

Both establishments will be self catering hotels, from next spring, it will be a four star resort boasting 656 suites.

The world’s first over 18s water park is going to be built, new restaurants are being installed for catering for what their clients want.

There will be two live acts by the world’s leading electronic dance musicians every week plus live chill out music round the pools during the day.

"No one is catering for the youth market, we want to provide people aged 18-30 with a top quality experience they will never forget," Sayburn said yesterday.

Full interview and more about the resort on Sunday.