The  prestigious Swiss environmental organisation Ocean Care has joined the alliance to stop oil and gas prospecting in the Balearics.Ocean Care announced yesterday that over 200,000 signatures have been collected in Switzerland, Germany and Austria backing its “S.O.S FROM IBIZA” campaign to stop oil and gas prospecting in Balearic waters.
Earlier this month, Ocean Care and the Alianza Mar Blava, the Balearic movement against prospecting, held a   meeting with the Spanish Government on 4 August, Ocean Care and AVAAZ presented more than 150,000 signatures calling on the government to stop oil exploration.
The number of signatures has since risen.
“The Spanish Government has not yet decided on approving oil explorations around the Balearics. In case of approval, further applications have to be expected. By presenting the petition, we made clear that protests extend far beyond the Spanish borders. It’s a sign against the oil rush in the Mediterranean”,  Sigrid Lüber, president of Ocean Care said yesterday.