Members of the Mallorca Cricket Club will be meeting this weekend to discover what exactly is the future of their club. The Cricket Club in Magalluf may be small in numbers but it has a big following amongst the expatriate community on the island. The general view amongst many of the expats that I know is that “I may not go to the club on a regular basis but Ilike to know that it is there and it has a bright future.”  The Cricket Club iscaught in a Catch 22 situation;their present home is set to be redeveloped as part of a new housing and hotel complex but no-one has told the Cricket Club when this is happening. They have received no official notification even though building work on the complex is set to start soon. As a direct result they have been forced to turn away visiting teams who provide vital revenue for the Calvia area during the winter months. The Club have contacted the Calvia Council who have promised to set up a meeting with the developers. I hope this meeting happens soon and there is an acceptable agreement for all sides.  The Cricket Club are more than prepared to move but all they want is an official answer. They certainly deserve an official explanation. “If we have to move then please tell us and if we can stay here, please do likewise,” is the official word from the club. I think I speak for all Bulletin readers when I say that we want the Cricket Club to continue in Magalluf or elsewhere.  It is part of expat life on Majorca.  This is not a battle for survival of the Cricket Club but a battle that most expats on the island are willing to fight.