MAGALLUF just will not get out of the headlines. The announcement yesterday  that the Calvia chief of police and two other officers had been detained for alleged extortion from business owners in the area is just another twist in this long running story. Now, more details on this case are unavailable because it is still being investigated by the police and the judiciary but it appears that the three were detained and went before a judge in Palma who ordered that they be sent to jail. It follows a report that business owners in Magalluf had been questioned by a Palma judge last week.  After a summer in which Magalluf was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons this latest case will be seen as a blow especially as it allegedly involves a senior police officer.  But I would also like to say that the vast majority of police officers in Calvia do a fantastic job and this case should not taint their good reputation and hard work and dedication. For once I agree with the opposition socialist group on the Calvia council who are calling on the Mayor, Manu Onieva, to give a full account of the case. Now obviously he is in a very diffulct situation because of the on-going police investigation but the people of Calvia do deserve an explantion especially as it allegedly involves the most senior local police officer in Calvia. What worries me, is that once again Magalluf is making the headlines not just here but in Britain and across the globe. A very sad state of affairs.