MILLIONS of Britons come to Europe on holiday and millions live on the European mainland and even more want to move here. So why are so many Britons opposed to the European Union? Why is it that when you mention Europe in some circles you get dirty looks? I am not a great admirer of the European Union but I do believe that Britain should stay within the bloc. Why? because it is the future. It is a massive trading bloc which if properly run and administered can easily rival the United States and China. We also enjoy many privileges as expats in Majorca which would be unavailable if Britain pulled out. I suspect that if Britain does hold a referendum on European Union membership, the Yes vote would probably win. If you listen to the United Kingdom Independence Party you would think that all Britain´s ills would disappear if Britain left the European Union. This is complete nonsense. UKIP leader Nigel Farage has started to quote nationalist leader Alex Salmond recently saying that he helped revolutionise politics in Scotland. This is true but UKIP suffers from the same problem as Salmond´s SNP, they have no Plan B. Pulling out of Europe or voting for independence in Scotland is a step into the unknown. There are just too many risks. A majority in Scotland believed that they wanted to remain part of the United Kingdom and I would hope that a majority in Britain will vote that it would be better to be part of Europe.


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