IT won´t last. In twelve months I might be eating my words but Ican´t see the United Kingdom Independence Party´s meteoric rise continuing. It will end soon, probably even at the general election next spring.  You see the United Kingdom Independence Party is a two-ticket wonder, pull out of the European Union and stop Johnny foreigner coming to Britain and allegedly stealing our jobs. And that is UKIP in a nutshell.  It is the ultimate protest party. I will go further. Plenty are saying that UKIP is a breath of fresh air, I would say that they are not adding anything to the political debate and just underlining the fact that certain sections of Britain are opposed to the European Union and the influx of immigrants from other countries. It is rather a sad argument. Sad because there is only one place for Britain and that is as a member of the European Union and sad because without foreign labour, Britain would not function. UKIP believes that Britain can become a major trading nation and there is no need for the European Union. Near to UKIP´s first constituency (Clacton) are some of Britain’s major ports. There is a joke among dock staff, container ships arrive laden with imported items and they leave carrying air, in otherwords they are empty. The sad truth is that Britain imports more than it exports so UKIP´s economic plan is in trouble before we start. The Britain economy is enjoying a good rate of growth at the moment and unemployment is falling. So is there a need to leave the European Union? I think not. Aprotest vote is fine as long as it remains just that.


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