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By Humphrey Carter

The majority of people in the Balearics are more excited about the future than they were this time last year, according to an annual survey.

Palma.—The Cofidis confidence survey has concluded that the level of  excitement about the future in the Balearics has risen by three points since the end of last year.
The Balearics is, in  fact, just one of  a small group of regions where people are looking forward to the coming year.
Confidence has also risen in the Canary Islands (6), Aragon (5), Extremadura (3) and Andalusia (1).
However, at a national level, confidence has actually fallen by half a point - the average level is 59 points out 100 and, despite  the talk of independence and a bright new future, Catalonia is one of the regions where confidence has fallen by nearly the most, by six points.
The region where people have the most illusion about the future is in the Basque Country where the level reached 66 points out of 100.
Cofidis Marketing Director, Carolina de la Calzada, said that this time last year, very few people were thinking about buying a new car, carrying out home improvements, find a new job or secure a pay rise.
“We have found that in certain areas, people are more confident about their employment options and their general living standards.
“This could be because the economy is picking up, it’s early days,” she said. 


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