By Francisco Cortez

Christmas food markets all over the Balearics have seen an increase in sales over the last few days, as locals rush to buy all the treats to fill their Christmas tables.

lma.—Meat is in high demand, particularly turkey and chicken.
Both are being sold at an average price of 5, 75 euros and 4,90 euros per kilo respectively.
Turkey  (5,90 euros per kilo), suckling female pig at 79 euros for a five to six kilogram piece and stuffed chicken with mince meat and dried fruits  at 10, 80 euros per kilo are some of the other products most in demand.
Stall owners are said to be delighted with the general enthusiasm over the Christmas period saying that “people seem a little more happy and keener to spend this year”.
Fish and sea food are also popular for both Christmas Eve (today) and Christmas Day meals.
Calamari and prawns appear to be the locals’ preferred choices even though prices per kilo could go up today depending on the fishing catch.
Prices for págara fish and sea bream will remain the same as last week at 32 to 34 euros per kilo, sea bass and gilt-head bream at 30 euros per kilo.
Prices for transparent goby, a local delicacy also in high demand stand at 65 euros per kilo.
Fresh calamari costs 18, 90 euros per kilo while farm raised calamari is being sold at 45 euros per kilo.


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